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Dear Future Grade 5’s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hello My name is Kamryn, Our Central idea was Society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic for Exhibition was Water Pollution and how it affects the Bow River Watershed.

My First piece of advice is pick a topic YOU want to do. Don’t pick what your friends want because it is 9 weeks and if you don’t like your topic it is going to be a long 9 weeks. Also you can get into fights with your friends or friend and maybe ruin your friendship.

My second piece of advice is use your time wisely because we only have 9 weeks and that’s not a lot of time to do all lot of work that you have to do in Exhibition. Also Exhibition has a lot of preparing.

My last piece of advice is once you get your information cite your sources right away because if you don’t you will probably forget where you got the information from and if you don’t cite your sources you can get in trouble.

I hope that this letter will help you with Exhibition remember pick a topic that YOU want NOT your friends want, Use your time wisely and cite your sources right away.

Good Luck,


Final Reflection-Kamryn

My biggest challenge I faced during Exhibition was citing my sources and finding websites I can trust. The reason that this was challenging is because sometimes the websites didn’t give all of the information that you had to cite for your bibliography. For example sometimes it didn’t have when it was published  or it was really hard to find when it was published. Also it was hard to find websites I can trust because when my group went on to google because Miss Hoopers websites didn’t answer two of our questions (perspective and connection) so we went on google and it was hard to find information that we trust so we had to go on a different website to see if we found the same information so we knew if was true. Then once we did that we had to cite two of our sources so it was a really long process to cite our sources so it took up some of our research time.

I can solve this problem (citing my sources) by not taking so much time on citing my sources and looking in more detail on Miss hoopers websites because our group knows that we can trust her websites because Miss hooper took the time to find the websites. Also we can look harder for the information for citing our sources (bibliography) just in case we missed it.

I have learned about myself during Exhibition is that I like working with other people especially if they are my friends because I feel comfortable saying my ideas around my friends because they make me feel more confident and comfortable. Also they help me concentrate because they know how I feel and what helps me concentrate.

The most important and meaningful thing was having people (experts) come  in or phone call us, Skype and talk to us about our topic because people took their time out of their busy day and came and talked about what they did so it can help us during Exhibition.

What I would do differently is instead of making out poster of garbage from the pond if we could I would have have got the garbage from the bow river because our topic was around bow river so I think it would be more fitting if we got it from the bow river.

My advice for Exhibition to the next grade fives is don’t rush but don’t take a lot of time on one thing because you only have 9 weeks I know that might seem a lot but it isn’t so take your time don’t rush but don’t take to much time. Also another piece of advice is that don’t fight over something that isn’t    necessary because it will take time away from actual work time.Also when you are sharing your topic with other people you need to slow down Relax and speak loud because there will be other people around you so you need to speak loud so the people that you are sharing your knowledge with can hear you. The last piece of advice is that be per-paired for questions that people might ask.


Feedback Reflection-Kamryn

I think my group did really well on communication skills and I think we had great posture. I think we did good  at communication and posture because I feel like when we speaked it was clear and they could understand it and we weren’t fidgeting and we were standing tall. How I think I achieved it. It is because I think we did really well organizing and speaking clear.


I think we had a lot of confidence because we spoked with confidence and we also knew a lot of  the answers to all the questions. We also answered a lot of them not all but most. Another thing was we understood  a lot of our information about our topic and we were very knowledgeable about our topic.

I think we can talk a little bit louder because people kept on asking if we could say that again. I think we can improve this by talking louder and speak up more because their were a lot of people that were around us that were talking to so that was hard.



I am proud of to tell information to people because I am pretty shy so it was hard for me to be able to get the information out. Also it was hard to get the information out because I would always forget what I needed to say at the beginning.

Exhibition is different then other projects because you actually have to talk to people about your topic and not just gain the knowledge and move on. Exhibition is also different because it is for a very long time and also steps to it and it not just gaining knowledge you also have to get props like we had the different water samples and we also had our art piece.

I feel that our message did inspire our audience because I think we explained our topic really well and also people already know how big water pollution is but just went into more detail and we asked if it changed there  perspective and they said yes.

Now that I have gone through Exhibition some tools that I will keep for later projects is my skills more specifically my reasearch skills because I feel like that’s the one we used the most was research skills and the one that we are probably going to use the most and I think it is going to be the most used in later projects.

Our mentor help us because she got the materials for our art piece/Our watershed. She got the plastic sheet and the jars. Also Miss Michie (our mentor) She helped us stay on track with our research and helped use get it done. She also gave us ideas for our art piece and she gave us the ideas for the fact cards and also the slide.



Week 8 Reflection!

What we have done this week is we practice our format of what we are going to say and what order we are going to do things in. Our exhibition is prepared but not so prepared  so that we can have a back and forth conversation. We have also finished up on our poster and we found out a way to do are art piece. We also found a way to involve the audience. I feel things are going great because we are where we are supposed to be because we are working/done figuring out what we are going to say and the order we are going to do it in.

We also made thank you letters to our mentor. My mentor is Ms Michie, the letters were talking about thanking our mentors for getting interviews set up and keeping us on track.

Some challenges that my group had was sometimes finding the research and answering our key concept questions and we also had a hard time keeping our poster neat. Some successful things are we know what to say when we talk about our topic in front of people and we know our topic really well.

Week 7-Kamryn

Some attitudes that I have showed are cooperation and creativity. I showed cooperation by when my group had different ideas for the show case I  cooperated and we put all of our ideas into one. I also showed creativity when we were thinking of our showcase and we had to think about how to be creative when we share our topic.

What we need to do next is work on getting ready for our showcase and making our slide and getting materials to do our experiment  for our showcase.


Week 6 Reflection!

My goal are using my time wisely and being less stressed. I think my goals are going good because I feel like we are where we should be at.We are staring our action and doing an interview today and that’s where we are  supposed to be doing and I am not stressed about anything about Exhibition because I feel like we are on task.

What we need to do next is that we need to be working on our presentation and getting ready for it by putting all of our knowledge and coming up with our presentation.

A new discoverie I made is that at the end of exhibition the interviews help a lot with research because a lot of your key concept questions that you make they are interview questions and you can answer them in your interview that you have with other people to get more knowledge.

I used my thinking skills more specifically my seeeking and acquiring knowledge skills. I used my thinking skills when I was researching and I was acquiring knowledge so I can answer my key concept questions and also when I was interviewing people.



Week 5 Reflection~Kamryn

How would you describe Exhibition?

I would say in exhibition you will have to work with different people that you maybe not of work with before also you have a certain amount of time to complete and presntate your topic that you will be learning about in the next 9 weeks. What you would also do in exhibition is that you have to create key concept questions and then answer them and you will be getting different resources to help answer them so make sure you cite your sources . Also you will be having a mentor and you will have mentor meetings every week with your mentor and they would give you feedback and will help you set up interviews to help you with your research about your questions. When you are at the end of exhibition you have to presntate about your topic and put all the knowledge that you gained about your topic through out exhibition and put the ideas into your presentation. Also I would use bright colours to bring people to your stand. When your presntaing you can do a experiment to keep your topic interesting but make sure in the presentation that you talk about your topic.

What as Exhibition priovde us/me?

Exhibition priovdes me with tools so I can use them on later in my life. The tools that exhibition has provided me with are research skills and communication skills, being more open minded and using my time wisely. It priovdes me with research skills because you have to do a lot of of researching and citing your sources yo answer questions and find more knowledge about your topic. Exhibition provides me with communication skills because if you are working in your group you have to talk/discuss about which person is in charge of what questions and just talking about your topic and what your other group members found. Also you need to have communication skills when you are interviewing a person or talking with your mentor. Exhibition provide me with being more open-minded is by when we were creating questions I hade to be more open minded to people’s ideas and also when we were thinking of taking action I hade to take in people’s ideas of what they think our group can take action. Exhibition proidve me with being better at using me time wisely because in exhibition you have a time limit to do certain stuff and to be done and show your work at the end.

What is something someone might not know about Exhibition?

What people might not know about Exhibition is that it could be really challenging at some times because you might be behind or the research might be hard so it could be challenging. What people might not also know is that in Exhibition you learn a bunch of different skills and attitudes and attributes.