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JN Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Student,

My name is Jason our Central idea is Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was Civil Rights I chose this topic because I wanted to know what happened to people back then.

First piece of advice is to stay on task because sometimes my group was not on task. This is really important because if your not on task you won’t get that much done. If another group talks to you just move away and if you don’t move away you won’t get that much done. This also really important because if you play games on your iPad and if you get caught you won’t be able to use your iPad for 1 week.

My second piece of advice is to try and getting things done on time. If you don’t you will rush all your work and most of the time it won’t make sense. What I think you should do is each person in your group do one thing and not everyone do one thing at a time. Also you have nine weeks of Exhibition that may sound a long time but time goes by fast.

My third piece of advice is to get along with your group members even though you don’t really know them. If you don’t get along with your group member you will argue. If you argue you won’t get much work done. Also when your done arguing you will rush your work.



Week 6 Reflections

What was challenging about the process? I found researching hard because one of our question was to find the points of view why civil rights should not be respected. Making a interview was kind of hard because we need to connect with other people and they might say no to a interview. It’s also challenging because it’s hard the find the right information.

What TD skills are important throughout the process of Exhibition? Self management skills are important because if you don’t self manage you won’t get much done. Also communication skills because you need to communicate to your group.

Final Blog Post Jason

I am proud of getting my work done on time. I’m also proud of my art and getting our research done.

What was challenging was finding all the information for my topic because most of our research came from interviews. We had lots of websites but it was challenging for us to get the research for our questions.

It was not that normal interviewing adults because kids don’t really talk to adults or experts. Also interviewing people was not that nervous because the people that we interviewed were people that helps the community.

It is important to interview people because for some groups most of their research is from interviews and some websites shows false information.

What I gained from exhibition was getting knowledge of all the problems in the world.

Jason Week 8 Reflections

Reading our research is boring because you need to read it again and again but we need to read our research so we can get it in our long term memory.

The displays were fun to do because you get to do some art but some part of the display part was boring because we had the do rough copies.

The rehearsal part was also boring because we had to say mostly the same thing over and over again.

I think I achieved my goal because I always participate in my group.

Jason Week 7 Reflections

Exhibition provides us with working with other people from different class. It also let us learn new things. Also we get to use lots of our TD skills. It also helps us with the future.

Something that people may not know about exhibition is that you do actions about your topic. You can try to help in the future. About your topic you don’t even know. People doing exhibition have to present to the school so they can learn about it.

Achieving me goal has gone good because I always participate in my group about my ideas. My goal is really easy because I know my group well. I think I’ve achieved my goal because my goal is easy for me.

Jason Weekly Reflections #5

Exhibition is important because we find a problem in the world and we need to tell others people about this problem because not many people know some of these problems. Also in exhibition their is something called a action bank and we would do a action that is about your topic. It’s also important because we need to solve the problems.

We do exhibition because we need to tell other people about the problem. We also do it for more knowledgeable. Also we do it so we can be more cooperative with people that we don’t really know.

Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were self management skills because I never get told to get to work and I don’t fool around. Thinking Skills because I thought about interview questions. I also used Social Skills because I was cooperating with my group. Research Skills because I researched on my topic. Also Communication Skills I communicate to my group when I need help on something.

Jason’s Week 3 Reflections

What I have done? What I have done was insert the key concept question to our guide book then we check the questions that we made then we transfer the question to our research page that we made and did a little of research.

What I need to do next? What I need to do next is to research about the question that we made. Also think of organization me and Kyle P can connect with.

My goal is participating. I think I achieved the goal because I shared lots of ideas.

Week two Reflections Jason

 What have I done? Me and my partner was thinking of questions for our topic then we picked our top 16 question for out topic. The highlighted questions are the top 16 questions.

What do I have to do next? What me and my partner have to do next is to copy and paste our top 16 question to me or my partner’s guidebook. Then we need to research.

My exhibition goal is risk taker. How I am doing with the goal is good because I participate in my group. How I can improve my goal is to participate more.

Week 1 Reflections

Describe what are your main ideas/focus that have come out of your discussions this week (2-3 sentence). My main idea is comparing USA civil rights and Canada. I chosed this because I wanted to see the big difference of Canada civil rights and USA civil rights. (My idea because Kyle P was not here.)

“I’m excited for ……”  Finding  out the big difference of Canada and USA.

”I hope….” I find a way to make USA civil rights good as Canada.

“This is important to me because……” I want people to have the same rights even if they have a different skin color.