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Feedback from exibition.

I think the top one becuase I was really nervous for the parent on and this one says relax take a deep breath from this sticky note I learned a lot.


I chose these two from 3s and I think I agree on the one that says good variety of topics becuase last year comparing to this year there are some different topics. The other one I agree on is clearly and loudly speaking becuase when on Wednesday we were going around people spoke loudly and clearly.

Final reflection- interviews.

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them? Me and my group interviewed mrs rentz. We interviewed her because she is the vise principle of prairiewaters and we learned lots about schools safety.



What was it like to interview people? It was kind of nervous in because it was my first time to interview someone. I’ve never interviewed anyone before.




What was challenging about it? Challenging about interviewing mrs rentz. It was hard to come up with interview questions.


Why is it important to interview people? It is important to interview people. You get lots of information from the interview you just did.


What did you gain from interviewing people? We learned lots about schools safety. So like you do six fire drills a year and two lock downs a year.

Week 7 reflection

Our group plans for actions are we are taking the home alone course. So we went to it last Friday and this Friday we’re going again.

Our showcase plans are we are going to be making a house. Which will have different kinds of safety . The house will be made out of cardboard.

the biggest struggle in exibition for me was the action. It was biggest struggle for me because it was hard to find a course to get more information.

The skills i used were social skills because we worked and made decisions. The attribute I used was risk taker because my groups sometimes were not paying attention so I asked questions and answered them and been a risk taker. The  Attitude I used was commitment I didn’t give up when my group was not paying attention and fooling around.

I fond about myself was that I sometimes can be creative because for the display me and my group are building and bringing in everything.

peolpe should come see are topic for exibition because there are lots of people that leave their kids home alone so it is a good idea for them to come  at are exibition topic to learn more things about safety of home alone. It is good for kids because they can learn more safety to be home alone like never cook when your home Alone.


Week 6 reflection

What skills did I use?

I used research skills. I used research skills I asked questions and present my findings to my group.

What have I done?

I have done my research. I have done my interview with mrs rentz last Thursday on the 12 .


we have almost done are research but not like exactly. Today we are taking a course for the home alone safety. And next week we are taking another one on Friday.

interview with mrs rentz.

All the questions on the bottom are all the interview questions.

Interview questions down here.

Harkirat Who decides what safety measures are used in this school? Why? The rocky view school division and a group called hour zero decides the safety measures. Central office OHS cones to look at the school. Each school has their own safety plan based on location.

Japraj How does this school prepare for an emergencies? The principles are always prepared for an emergencies. Staff is take courses to prepare themselves and the school. Drills.
Suraj Why is our front door not locked? If are front door is locked no one will be able to get in. People are supposed to check in at the office first. Some schools to have a front door unlocked and a second that is locked that the outside person must be buzzed in. if we felt we needed to upgrade security we could do this.
Harkirat What is done at this school to decrease the chances of an emergency? Drills. Not a lot that we can do to decrease emergencies. Keep surroundings safe.
Japraj Why don’t all schools practice drills? All rockyview schools do drills.
Suraj What are the drills that this school does practise and what are they for? This school practice all kind of drills like 2 lock down, hold and secure (so hallways are clear), shelter in place( environmental concern), 6 fire And there for us to learn. 10 total
Do different things during the drills ie time, area hazards. Less lockdown drills because less likely to happen.
Harkirat Why don’t schools have security guards? Safe community. Do have RCMP that come in and walk around.
Japraj What are other ways that we could practice safety other than drills? People are aware of surroundings and keeping area safe.
Suraj Why don’t we practise drills more often? Time consuming. More learning. Only need to do a couple of times to know what to do. Time sake.
Harkirat Why don’t the classroom windows and doors not have blinds on them? Have been asking for 5 yrs. Supposed to.

Week 5 reflection

What was challenging about the process? The challenging thing for me was the research because not all the questions have the answer. It was hard to find answers as well. Another hard thing was handling partners when they don’t work and fool around all the time.

What td skills are important throughout the process of exhibition? The important skills were research skills. And the research skills are important because you have to present your findings.

How does exibition expires you to take action? It inspires me to take action to interview people like we did yesterday. And another one is writing news papers to show everyone our hard work.

Give an update of your week. Did you do an interview? Did you decide on action? Me and my group did an interview on Thursday April 12th with mrs rentz. Another action we are taking is going to the home alone course.