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Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi i’m Jaidyn for my topic I did child neglect it was really sad when we had to learn that some of the kids die and it broke my heart to find things like this out. For our action we did a drive to make these kids feel at home and safe.

Some advice you may need is to always stay on task because you may not get work done and you may let your group down and your mentor that’s there to help you.

Some more advice you may need is…… to know a little bit about your topic before you pick it otherwise your doing something you know nothing about and after a little bit you may not want to do that topic anymore because you may get bored and not knowing what your doing.

There’s lots more of advice but here’s the most important you need to be proud and ready to provide the parents and students with good information and be ready to tell them everything

I wish you the best through everything


Feedback Reflections

I think we could have talked a little louder to because we were very very quiet. We did a lot of planning it was vary hard to get done this topic because it was sad and heartbreaking to learn that some of these kids die sometimes they die everyday and it makes me very sad to know that.

JM Week 5 Reflection

Exhibition is important because… we need all the kids in are school need to know what’s happening around the world and so that we know what’s happening around the world. It is also important because we need to be ready for more years of school and we’re gonna be learning a lot more about the world.

We do Exhibition because… we need to be ready for years and years of school. The second reason is so we learn more each and every day. We also do exhibition because it makes us smarter and have more stuff in our brain.

Some of the skills I used throughout the process of Exhibition… some skills I use in exhibition are thinking Skills because I use thinking Skills a lot when we do exhibition like when we are doing research I think of ideas for what we can research

JM-Week 7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with a chance to actually learn about something that we want and to get the chance to work with students we haven’t got to yet. I hope all the kids that do exhibition get to do the topic they want because sometimes it can be hard if you don’t know what your about to research because otherwise it will be really hard because you don’t know what your talking. Exhibition also provides us with lots of time to get to know each other and learn more together.

Something that people might not know about exhibition is that we have to work really hard before we actually get to build are artwork. We need to get all of are research done and all of are work. They also might not know that we can get our iPads taken away if we’re not on task.

Achieving my goal has been very hard at some times but easy at others. I hope to achieve my goal even more than I already have I want to make it more challenging so I can have a challenges in exhibition. For example when I decided not to talk I just worked because some of my group mates were talking and I told them not to.

Final blog post-JM

I’m most proud of the work we did and getting everything done in time for exhibition and being able to say what I know and to get the chance to speak and be happy with what I’m doing.

The most challenging thing was finding out that kids die some of the time and it was very very sad to find out things like that. It was also a struggle finding a good topic. To find a way so that we could all work as a group was also challenging.

It was boring but fun when we interviewed people like Kerri Millard and Sarah Pascoli. It was fun because we got to know a little bit about what they do and a little bit of what they don’t do. It’s boring at some times because I didn’t really understand some of the questions we asked and I got really bored sitting there for one hour and talking about a really sad topic.

I gained a bunch of knowledge and lots of respect for those who get neglected. I gained respect because I didn’t know it was this bad and that these kids die daily and I imagine they leave there life without saying goodbye and they don’t get love. It’s really sad to learn that at one point in their lives they have go they don’t get to try things and they just leave and that parent/guardian learns from their mistakes. They shouldn’t foster or have a kid if they can’t take care of it properly.




JM-Week 8 Reflection

We made a foster home and a poster! We also made a big thank you to our mentor. We had our ups and downs when we made the foster home but we finally made it perfect and how we all liked it! The poster is very good and I hope that everybody likes it when everybody comes to see it! I’m so proud of the work we got done and I can’t wait to show all of my family and friends! The challenges were all fixed because at one point when me and Jayden were painting we had to do several layers because someone didn’t like the paint and it was just crazy but it was all fixed. We need to get more organized though!? Are display might not be the best but it will be good. When i’m reading my information it gets boring some of the time but it can be fun some of the time. Researching was very hard but it got easier every time we did it. We really thank all of our mentors because they helped us with all the information we have right now, without them we wouldn’t get this far, so thank you again Mrs.Gowda we would not be here without you!

JM Week 6 Reflection

I found research challenging because I couldn’t find the right information.

What TD skills are important throughout the process of exhibition thinking Skills because then we can think of what we need to right and search up.

How does exhibition inspire you to take action it inspired me by showing that I could help these kids that were getting the wrong needs and i like to help kids in a way that they shouldn’t be living. This could help my group take an action so we can help these kids.

Week 3 Reflection – Jaidyn

How do I feel things are going? I think things are going very good I think maybe I could stay on task more.

what do I need to do next time?  I need to make more work and Effort to find research and I need to do more creativity because on my pic college I was basic and I could have taken risks.

My goal? My main is thinking Skills and I think I have been using it a lot which is good because it is my goal. But I can use it a bit more I think.