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Dear Future Grade Fives..

Dear future grade five students I hope you all have a good time trying to finish exhibition and I hope you all do well have fun.

I am a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you that exhibition is a time that takes to months and there are also reasreach practicing like a hundred times. You also need to cooperate with other groups or if your by yourself everything depends on you.

My first suggestion is that you should choose a topic you are interested in not one your friend is doing. Remember that you can’t quit because this is a big part of your grade so I wouldn’t try to ruin it p.

The reason I choose is topic because I got bullied a couple of years ago. I hope this letter gives you a chance to think about your topic. I also choose this topic to see why did I get bullied I think I know the answer now it because they had a problem with there relationships.

The best of wishes I hope you all do well in exhibition it’s half of your grade so try your best make me proud.

from Ismail Rafih bye.

Exhibition final reflection

What is the biggest challenge my biggest challenge was working with my partner because I’ve  never worked with him I think he would agree with me because we would always fight. Another challenge was when he went to Mexico I was by myself and it was challenging because I did all the work and I felt like he was never going to show up for exhibition.

how did you work to solve or overcome the challenge I worked because me and my partner would go to Mr. Turner and talk to him about what to do he would tell us and then if we got in a conflict again we would have break.

what have you learned about yourself since being involved in exhibition I learned that I like to work by myself and I don’t take other people’s ideas I do what I want to do.  the thing I noticed that my partner didn’t like to cooperate with me so he would go somewhere and do something else.

what was the most meaningful aspect of exhibition for you and why?it was my poster and my reasreach so my poster my partner was In Mexico I was buliding the poster and that is why it is one of my favourite. My  reasreach was one of my favourites because I think I did the main parts of the reasreach like the key concepts question and the lines of inquiry and when we did the normal reasreach Evan kept going on the same ones when he wasn’t supposed to the one I was just on  and he wasn’t supposed to and he didn’t get that many facts and I did most of it because he also went to Mexico in between and I had to push my self to do it.

What would you do differently I would go by my self and that’s because my partner doesn’t help me he would go on the same sites and he would not listen to me

i would suggest that you don’t waste time because the time flies and it’s true it felt like to days and it was gone so I suggest you don’t waste time and I suggest that you don’t choose a topic that your friend choose because by the end you guys will get mad at him. Another thing do your work because if you don’t the teacher will show it on the report card.

 I choose this because I felt that this group did a lot of work if they got this comment.

Week 7 reflection

This is a crunch week. We are pushed to are limits and we have to work and work work. We barley sit down and take brakes. What new discoveries I have made that you can make posters and u can build stuff out of clay and blocked. The question I asked is why do we do exaibition? Me and my partner improving by using one box not four. The thing I’m most nervous about is presenting my final project. that I’m going to clean my bin

Week 5 exaibition

3 things I did this week: We finished our concept questions and planning. We had to plan our action to finish it of. And we had are mid exaibition report cards(rubric).

What have we done?

We had to try to finish our concepts.

How do feel that things are going?

i feel we might fall behind everyone.

If you had an interview

The people miss Lehmann and tad mill mite the benefical is that this helps with the reasreach. I learn that interviews are manly for the key concepts.

the mid EXhibition rubric

I think we need to talk to each other more because mr turner said that we don’t coloberate

Week 1

My topic is bullying
This is important to me because I was bullied before and I wanted to see what that guy was doing. I’m excited about doing a topic of my choice and it’s not Pasfic. I hope after people so this if they are getting bullied they will stand up for them self and if the bully sees mine they will stop.

How doI feel things are going well: because we are not falling behind?
What have I done?
I always help my partner. By writing and telling him what to do