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FEEDBACK from exhibition

Comment 1

the grade five students were very knowledgable about there topics when they were sharing there project topics.

i agree with the person because my group had a lot of information and we all took turns.

coment 2

some groups found it challenging keeping everyone in there group focused and on tasked.

i agree with this because while presenting my group member was kind off being silly and my other partner was telling home to stop.


Final reflection – interviews

explain who you interviewed and why you chose them.

My group interviewed mrs. Rentz for the school safety because she is in charge of the drills and school safety.

what was it like to interview people?

I liked to interview people because for some of the questions I really wanted to know the answer.

what was challenging about it?

One thing that was challenging is research because we had a lot of questions that we need information we thought we wouldn’t finish in time.

why is it important to interview people?

So we can get more answers for some questions and we can learn more.

what did you gain from interviewing people?

I have gained information from interviewing people and got a lot of information so we can answer the research questions.

Week 8 Reflection

2 questions from guidebook 

One thing that I have done is making the display and creative art piece. One attribute I have used is principled because I have helped my group for the display and I was mostly doing my work.

Update of what you did this week.

My group and I have worked on the display and and our display is making a house and and a poster. My group has been in the cougar news to share 3 important things about home alone.

Week 7 creative reflection

give an update: what are your plans for action? What are your plans for show casing your work?

my group is making a Odell of a house and going to write on papers and stick them in the house and they will say reasons for safety.

what has been the biggest struggle so far in exhibition? How did you overcome it? What skills/attitudes did you use?

I have used communication skills because I was talking to my group and telling them if we got messages from mrs. E. and the biggest struggle was research because it is sometimes hard to find the information, I overcome it by reading the information carefully so I find information more easily.

what did you find out about yourself during exhibition?

One thing I found out of myself is during exhibition is I found  lot of information that was good and I researched more than 3 questions.

why should people come see your exhibition?

People should come to my group because they can learn about safety and important things they should know and home alone safety tips.

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Week 6 Reflection

What have I done?

one thing I have done is the interview with miss rentz and the questions are about school safety.

what questions did I ask?

i asked interview questions and I am going to ask more at the home alone course and the questions will  be about home alone safety.

one update that is going to happen is that I am going to be going to the home alone program and interviewing them with my group and will be taking the course.


Week 5 reflection

what was challenging about the process?

one thing that was challenging is the research because it is sometimes hard to find some information for some of the questions.

What TD skills are important during the process of exhibition?

Social skills because we need to talk to each other so it will be easier and faster. Thinking skills because we need to gain knowledge so we know what to do and we have to think so we don’t waste our time.

how does exhibition inspire you to take action?

it inspires me to take action because when I was highlighting important information I spender most of my time highlighting. My group and I practiced saying interviewing questions so it wouldn’t be hard during the interview.

give an update of your week. Did you do an interview? Did you decide on action?

I took action during the interview because me and my group tried to ask the questions and not to laugh when we made mistakes.

Week 2 creative reflection – Harkirat



What skills did did I Use?

i used communication skills because I was talking to my group and doing what I am doing.

What attributes did I use?

i used principled because I didn’gt talk to other groups and I did my work and worked with my group.

I have improved on not talking about other things and make sure I’m working instead of doing nothing.