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Future Grade 5s…

Dear Future Grade 5 students…

I am a grade five student and I am writing to you to give you tips on grade 5 exhibition. I hope that you listen to my tips and take them seriously.

The topic that I had chosen was gender equality. I chose this topic because I wanted people to be aware of how important it is to make sure that both genders are equal.

My first suggestion is to chose a topic that YOU want to do. If you chose a topic that your friends want to do, you may not enjoy the next 9 weeks or it might make your friendship a lot harder to deal with. Also, it might make you get off task easily because you might be tempted to talk or fool around.

Secondly, you need to watch your time! Everyone will tell you that time flies fast, but at the moment, you may not listen. I am telling you that most days feel long, but in the end, you think that you should use your time time wiser. For me, I can see the how the time should be wiser. You should too.

Pay attention to your group and only your group! At first, my group and I started talking and paying more attention to what was happening with other groups rather than ours. Then, around the middle of exhibition, we realized that we didn’t have anytime to fool around and that we needed to start focusing. I hope that you don’t make the same mistake as me and my group did.

I hope that this letter will help you for the time period of exhibition.

Best wishes,


Exhibition final reflection

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

The biggest challenge that I faced during exhibition was that because I had a smaller group, all of our idea’s had to be included. The problem for me was that when I am doing a big and important project, I like things to be and go my way, which doesn’t work out for such a big group of people.

How did I work to solve or overcome that challenge?

I solved my challenge by calling a group meeting. In our meeting, we disscussed that we need to start focassing more and start to include and combine everyone’s ideas for our presentation. I think that this helped because we all had a statement during our conversation and something that everyone needed to improve on. We agreed on things others need to work on, what all of us need to work on, who is doing what and ect.

What have I learned about myself since being included in exhibition?

I have learned that while doing an important assignment I like things to be unique and very organized. I have also learned that I am more of an independent learner and feel more accomplished when I handle things on my own, which is one of the reasons that I think being in a group was important and affected me because I can start to include everyone.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition for me? Why?

I think that the most important aspect of exhibition was seeing different perspectives. Not just on gender equality, but watching other peoples presentation and hearing everyone’s ideas on their topic was very interesting. I think that hearing other perspectives and ideas was meaningful because I usually am very full of my ideas and points of view, it showed me that other perspectives are also very interesting and meaningful. And I am sure that it had also showed others.

What would I do differently, or be more mindful of if I could experience exhibition again?

Next time, I would choose a topic that I hadn’t had as much knowledge about. But with this topic, I would do my research and my action again. I would do my my research again because I feel like if our group had come up with the idea to have everyone research a certain concept question we would have had a lot more research done. I would make our action more unique and make other people outside of our school have something to do with our action.

What advice would I give to the students that will go through the exhibition process next year?

I would say that they need to watch their time wisely! Everyone will tell you that time flys and no one really took it seriously. Just because some exhibition days took so long, doesn’t mean the entire thing won’t go by. Also, I would tell them to pick a topic that they are interested in, not one that their friends want them to do. If you do pick a topic that your friends wants to do, it could make being friends a lot harder when there are arguments because there will be. Don’t spend time fooling around and actin like there is nothing to loose because there is, not only are you wasting your time but you are wasting every other persons.

The feedback that I had chosen for our group was that our stools should have been equal. At first we had two stools and the girls one was taller than the boys so we had to fix that.

Why was my feedback valuable? What did it mean to me?

Our feedback was valuable because it was true and it did make our presentation more interesting. Also, the feedback meant that we needed to show gender equality better, I did agree with this statement.

Week 5 reflection

This week, we gave each person two key concept questions to research and find the answers to. I think that when we started splitting up and getting our own concept questions. Secondly, this week we also had two mentor meetings so that our mentor could see where we were at in our research. Finally, my group and I have came up with a few ways to present our topic!

How do I feel things are going?  I feel that at first, our group was a little off track but now I feel that we’re getting more focused and less distracted.

What questions did I ask? I asked myself what can we do to stay on topic, so then we decided that we should split up and with the help of our teacher, we decided that we should have our own concept questions

A couple weeks ago, my group and I had an interview. I learnt that police that were women had to wear a different police uniform than men.

I would like to work on only focusing on my research and not what’s happening around me. I think I should do this be


Week 1 exhibition

My topic is women’s rights. This topic is important to me because as a female, I believe that women and men should have the same equalities. I am excited about putting together my presentation. I am excited about this because I get to be very creative and present in my own way. I hope that my group will get along well because so far, we’ve not gotten along too well.

What new discoveries have I made? One new discovery that I have made is that in the past, both genders had a role in the society. Women would stay home and feed the children, wash clothes cook dinner. Meanwhile, the men would work for money.

What attitudes did I use? One of the attitudes I had while thinking of my topic creativity. I had to be creative and logical while closing topics so I tried to do so.