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Dear Future Grade Fives

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Erleen. My Exhibition topic was Problems with Social Media. I chose this topic because I was interested in Problems with Social Media. The Central Idea was: Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. I am here to give some advice. I hope this is helpful.

My first piece of advice is, that make sure you stay on task and work hard because you will finish all your work and you will not be scared that you are behind. Do everything that the teachers say. Do everything thing to your best ability. Make sure you do your bibliography because it is very important. Surely this will help you for sure.

My second piece of advice is that make sure you get along with your partner because people will waste most of your time. My partner and I didn’t fight but my friends groups did. It will waste your time and you will not get a lot done. Just try to solve it and listen to your partner. If thing get out of control get a teacher.

My third piece of advice is don’t stress out because that will make everything worse. Just do your work and enjoy because you only get to this once. I was scared at first but it is not that scary. It is really fun so I hope you enjoy.



ES Final Reflection

My challenge was that trying not take control of everything. I will tend to take control of my group. Which didn’t do how I came over it by thinking of how my partner felt.

My goal was thinking skills I chose this because I never really think and share any ideas but now I do. I think did well with my goal I had shared my ideas and thought. Especially when we had to think of questions for interviews.

The most interesting thing was that how addicting social media was and how many people got addicted to social media.

If I would do Exhibition again I would like to set up my presentation better and do it differently. I would have liked to practice more and show all of are information.

I have learned that I’m more open minded than I thought I was. I thought I would only do what I wanted to in small groups.

Week One Reflection

I am excited to do are lines of I inquiry. I am really excited to start researching this topic. I am am also excited to make are stand. It was lots of fun making the e ssential agreements. We drew pictures and wrote and made a rainbow.

I hope to accomplish what ever task I had and I want o accomplish more. I want whatever I finish to be an advancing or mastering mark. I will try my best to work ans not get distracted. For me this is the biggest thing in my life so far and it will help later in life. It will help with reasearch so I will know what to do and how to research anything, It will help with me not being shy and help me present better. Also it is are last year so it will be a big finish for are last year in elementary School.

This matters to me because people get bullied everyday on social media. People are getting injured and even died because of social media. People get so addicted to their phone that they will get on as soon as possible. Kids get detention because of social media. People get in car accidents because they ar paying attention to their phones. These are all big problems so I want to help it.


ES Final Blog Post

I am proud of what we accomplish.  My partner and I did a lot. We finished our essential agreement, we came up with lots of questions, then we finished are research, then we had to remember all of are information and then we had to Exhibition. We did all of that we were just were we had to be.

Something that was challenging was that we had to keep on editing are research. So we thought we were done but we really weren’t. So we kept on having to go and see again.

It was scary and fun. It was scary when we were talking to people. It was fun talking and learning new stuff.

It is important because it is your main sorce of information we got have of are information from interviews.

I gained how to research better. I know how to edit stuff and also how to present information to people’s.

Erleen Week #5 Reflection

Exhibition is important because
We get to learn how to research and present so in the future it will be helpful. For example if you have to research and present something you will know what to do. And you get to research something that you are passionate about. You get to learn how to work with others.

We do exhibition because
We need to learn how to work others. We learned how work with people we don’t want to. We learn how to deal with problems like people not working can’t find information. It will be helpful later in life like when we are in middle/high school when you are doing presentations.

The skills I used were communication skill. I would tell my partner anything i need it to. I would tell a teacher if I need help. I would ask someone when I need the step. I also used self management skills I would stay on task. I would finish my work and try to find more work to do. I would do all my work.