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Dear Future Grade 5’s

Dear Future Grade 5’s,

Hi, my name is Erin. I am writing this letter to tell you about exhibition. Last year’s central idea was Actions, Relationships and Mindsets Shape the Global Community. From that, my topic was Peer Pressure, I worked with Denny and Pria. I decided to choose that topic because I feel like peer pressure can happen so easily, even without you knowing you are doing it, so I wanted to bring awareness to others of what it is so they don’t pressure others.

My first suggestion I have for you is to pick a topic you are interested in. I say this because exhibition is nine weeks long and if you aren’t interested or passionate about your topic you will be very bored. If you are bored them your boredom will make your group members bored too, when all your group members are bored you will get nothing done for your work. I did pick a topic that I was interested in, but by the end of exhibition I was getting bored with it because I don’t think it was broad enough and we forgot about all the ideas we made at the beginning – Please don’t do that!

A second suggestion I have is to divide the work evenly so that everyone get a fair share. You can do that by telling your group member what to do, make sure that you still tell them what to do but without being bossy or mean, if you don’t you will turn into Mrs. Bossy Pants like I did. During exhibition I learned that the best way to get things done is to divide and conquer because then everyone will be working instead of only a few people. One way to divide the work is saying one person will research this question, this person will do this one, and so on.

My third suggestion is don’t waste your time. I am saying this because even though exhibition is nine weeks long – which seems like a lot but it’s not, it will go by very fast. My group can relate to not using our time because at the very beginning of exhibition when we make our central idea, subtopics and questions we were really focused and had so many great ideas but then in the middle we fell apart. All the great ideas basically went in the trash. Our exhibition wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t fabulous like we planned for. So what I’m saying is, if you want a fabulous exhibition – which who doesn’t! Then please don’t waste your time.

Hopefully this letter helped you to learn that you should pick your own topic, don’t be bossy and keep a hold of your time management. I hope you have fun in exhibition!

Sincerely, Erin.

Final Reflection

  1. What is the biggest challenge you faced during Exhibition?

My biggest challenge in exhibition for me was the research stage. I say this because I feel like my group did not really do lots of research, we only had about 20-25 facts, but we didn’t even share all of them because they didn’t make sense or they were just repeated facts. My group also didn’t focus on interviews and the primary source side. By that I mean we only had two interviews and that was our only primary source. If we had more primary sources then I think my Exhibition would have been a lot better. To me it’s not like peer pressure doesn’t have anybody to reach out to, I feel like it’s that my group didn’t try hard enough to get to them.

2.  How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

Well, my group didn’t 100% overcome that challenge because once the research stage was over we couldn’t really go back. But if I could go back in time to overcome that challenge I problally would have asked my group if we could split up and work on separate websites so we didn’t repeat facts. That would help us by getting more than 20-25 facts of peer pressure. Then I would say each one of us has to get a book from the library for more information. After that I would suggest that on a weekend or after school, we each go around our neighbourhood (with an adult) and interview our neighbors about peer pressure. I would still have the interviews with Mrs. Lehman and The HR mental wellness director like we had set up. But with all those tips I just said I think that would be how we would get a balance of primary and secondary sources instead of having the scale weighed more to secondary.

3. What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

One thing I learned about myself as a learner is that when I get really frustrated or annoyed I tend to take over and exclude my group members from the task, I also turned into “Bossy pants” as Mr. Turner and I said. For example,  when we on our last day of research I decided that I would go finish the last questions without my group members, I wrote a few things on a piece of paper for them to do which weren’t that inmoprtant, and when they finished those they were looking for me but I didn’t tell them where I was working so they couldn’t find me but I was still able to work. Now that I reflect in this I feel really bad about doing that because I basically told them to do things that we didn’t even need for our Exhibition, so I wasted their time, then I hid from them. To me that is unexceptional behaviour and I wish I could go back and fix that.

4.  What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

One really meaningful aspect of Exhibition for me is this reflection in doubt right now. I am saying this because this is the time where I can write everything down that I did good or bad, and think of how to improve, especially how to improve on what I said in the last paragraph. By doing this reflection it helps me understand how I can be a better person to everyone around me, it helps me learn how to improve for next year’s big projects, it helps me realize that I need to slow down, think about my group and let someone else be “Bossy pants” for a while. Sometimes I feel like Exhibition isn’t all about your presentation or the facts or work, it’s about how you work with others and what you learn about yourself.

5. What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could expirience Exhibition again?

If I could go back and fix things, I would fix the fact that I was Mrs. Bossy Pants, and include my group members a lot more than I did. I would also try to focus on our time management better because we had so many great ideas at the beginning but then they all go thrown in the trash. At the very beginning of Exhibition when we were doing the central idea, formulating sub topics and creating research questions, my group was really great, we had so many ideas that were so great but after that week everyone got thrown in the trash. Even our behaviour. So long story short, I would like to go back to the begging and start over with a new attitude.

6. What advice and suggestions would you like to give the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

One piece of advice I would give is to pick a topic that you are interested in, (I did do that I but I just wanted to let them know) because if you don’t then for nine weeks you will be really bored and you might regret choosing the topic because you don’t really want to learn about it.

Also to use your time management skills because you need them. My group didn’t really use them that well because after all the beginning stuff was done our group fell apart, we had so many great ideas that we could accomplish if we used our time well, but that got thrown in the garbage. I really regret not using our time because I wish we could have done much more with our Exhibition than we actually did.

7. CHOOSE a feedback sticky. Why was this valuable feedback? What did it mean to you?

I picked this sticky because I feel like every single group’s goal in Exhibition was to make their showcase eye catching so they could have lots of people come to see them, and for someone to write this means that we all accomplished that goal which is we should all be proud of that.

Week 7 Reflection

This week we finished our action the storybook, it look great now that it is finished. We finished our art pieces; brick wall and topic sign. We have started to plan our presentation.

One skill I used this week is self-management because I managed myself so that I could finish the storybook on time.

One attribute that I used this week is reflective because I reflected on our art pieces and action which were big accomplishments.

Since last week one thing we have added to our staging is the bag o tricks because we never finally decided on it until a few days ago.

Next week I’m most nervous about the presentation because I haven’t done a presentation this big before. Next week I’m most excited about the presentation because lots of my family is coming so I want to show them my work.

Week 6 Creative Relfection

This week we had our mentor meeting – talked about our survey. We finished our ACTION! I started planing our presentation.

Our action was to write a story and give a copy to the Chestermere public library, leave one for the school, and have one for ourself. We have finished the story and all we need to do now is put in into the Costco website book maker thing.

Our presentation will catch the audience’s eye because we will have a brick wall behind us for the skit, our book on display, the fake drug display, and the Bag ‘o’ Tricks.


Week 1 – Erin

My topic is Peer Pressure.

This topic is important to me because I feel that it is happening all the time without people realizing they are doing it and I want to create awareness for it.

I am excited about the final presentation because then once that is done I know I have accomplished something; exhibition.

I hope that my group and I can keep the oath we made which was to not argue with each other, so far it is going quite well.

This week the skills I used were thinking skills because when we were creating questions I had to think about my topic then create questions from that. I also used communication skills with my group because we had to talk to each other when we were thinking of ideas for the lines of inquiry. I also used my self-management skills for every activity because I didn’t fool around that much and we finished lots.

This week I feel things are going well with my group because we haven’t fooled around that much and we made it to our goal today which was to write at least 50 questions. I also feel like we make a good team and we understand what we need to do for our topic.