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Dear grade 5 student

Dear grade 5 student

I am a grade 5 student and i am writing to you to tell you the exhibition is not as hard as you think .and you just need to think positive and not negative .and you have to be willing to put in a lot of time.

My first suggestion is not to waste time flys and don’t fight with you partner. Because you just waste more time doing it. The time you have is 9 week and you think that 2 months is a lot but is reality it goes so fast. The reason I said that is in exhibition I  wasted a lot of time and me and my group fight a lot.

And my second suggestion is pick a topic you like and not something that you are going to get bored at because i got bored of  my topic and that is the worst so pick something you put love.

My third suggestion is don’t take it as a joke because it’s not and my group thought it was a joke and that put us behind and a setback in exhibition.

I hope this letter helps you so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

Best of wishes


Week 1

My topic is gender equality

This is important to me because when I get older and have a job I want to get paid for what I am doing and I went it to stop.

I’m excited for the field trips because then I can see and visit new places and learn cool things.

I hope that I can stop this for good and have equality in the world and stop making people feel bad.
What have i done?
I have done lines of inquiry and essential idea.

Want are 2 questions you asked?
Why does people think it is okay to not make things equality
Why does people think differently about different genders it is kind of rude.