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Dear Future Grade 5s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Hello my name is Elton, our central idea was society responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was clean water and sanitation I chose this topic because it was interesting. I’m writing this letter to help you during exhibition.

My first advice is not looking at the poster or look at each other when adults and kids are standing.

My second advice is speak louder when we do are presentation.

My third piece of advice is to not sit on shelves or desk during exhibition because the adults and kids won’t like that. It doesn’t look professional.

I hope you have read my advice and will use it during exhibition.


Exhibition Reflection

Our topic just like drinking water in the past 10 weeks.

I’ve feel pumping. I thought it was gonna be easy talking to the audience.

Internships are all about putting into practice  what you’ve been studying. One of the future exhibition spaces an example what the content will be? Using contributions .

I learned is looking for information at the end of the book it has a website.

Week 8 Reflection

My group was asking what colour for our poster we use white and blue roller paper. We were talking what should we add on the poster? Who’s gonna do it? We have so many ideas for our poster. We’re talking who’s gonna use a pic collage for are mentor picture. We use the blue paper for the lake and a water drop. We write the title for are poster the beginning and the end each side. We put tape on the bottle each bottom corners we didn’t put the bottles at the very bottom corners.

Week 7 Reflection

I think my group are doing good. I think our research is done. For are action is walk for water we need to use 2L pop bottles that are empty and a old shirt that is a adult size. There some instruction how to make it. We will walk around the soccer field for 20 minutes On Wednesday at lunch recess.

Me and my group were talking about who’s gonna bring those bottles and the shirts. One question that hard to find for are research and we finally got the website on the research.


Week 6 Reflection

My Exhibition goal is improved my communication with strangers. This week we went on a field trip to the CUI water building. I was able to use my communication skills with the person who gave us a tour by asking some questions.

I’m proud of how I used the attitude cooperation. I use co-operation when I took turns asking questions with Arseniy,Alex and Mahtab during our interview at CUI.

Week 5 Reflection

What inspires or influences the work? If there is a goal or message included in the work, explain briefly. Historical references may be described or defined to inform the viewer. Briefly describe the visual and conceptual theme(s) of the work to be exhibited. (How/why does this work go together? Both visually and conceptually?) Compare how the artists’ works are similar and how they are different. If you have many inspirations, theme(s), topics, etc. you may want to narrow down what you write about to the 2 or 3 most important aspects of your work. What will the proposed exhibition look like? What/how will the work be displayed? This is especially important if the 10 application images are different from what will be on display during the proposed exhibition.

Consider the benefits and risks to your business when deciding to exhibit your product or service. These will be different for each event; however, there can be a lot to gain from promoting your product in person within a different environment.

Promoting your business at trade shows and exhibitions can be a rewarding experience for small business owners looking to market their products and services. However, without careful planning and research, these events can be a waste of your time and money. An important way to decide if a trade show is the right promotional tool for your business is to attend trade shows that relate to your industry. This will give you a first-hand view of the level of involvement and the types of people attending these events. It will also give you a chance to ask questions of other business owners and attendees and find out what works and doesn’t work. Once you have signed up for a trade show or exhibition, read over your agreement with the organisers and make sure you understand what’s included in your package. There will be a range of different tasks to organise before, during and after the event.

The exhibition explores the diverse forms that privatisation takes, including PFI contracts; private health companies masquerading as NHS including many GP clinics and diagnostic centres; private hospitals which cherry-pick ‘low risk’ patients; lucrative contracts for highly specialist treatment; healthcare corporations with a history of fraud or tax avoidance; scandalously poor care practice that is no barrier to winning new contracts; private corporations driving government policy and involved in negotiations such as the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The exhibition highlights critical links between politicians at all levels and private healthcare corporations. In addition to the physical demands, it can also be mentally taxing. A collections manager has to know the objects well to be able to care for them properly, which means knowing what each object is, what it is made of, how to handle it appropriately, and if it needs any particular special care. You have to know the exhibition design to follow which objects go in which cases. And if a certain case is not ready to be installed, you have to be able to continue to move forward; with an opening date already set, you can’t sit and wait. There is a lot of thinking on your tired feet. Since humans established permanent settlements and systems of agriculture, efforts to develop water supplies and waste management for the successful maintenance and growth of societies have been apparent. Archaeologists have found evidence of ancient wells, water pipes and both public and private bathing and toilet facilities in the Bronze Age