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Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear future Grade 5 students,

Hi my name is Averie. In Exhibition our central idea was Actions, relationships and mindsets shape the global community. My topic was Drug use affecting health. I choose that topic because I was interested in learning about the good drugs and not just the bad. In this letter I will be giving you advice when you do Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is cooperate with your partner(s). I chose this because me and my partners didn’t get along. So we were spending most of our time arguing and not getting our work done.

My second piece of advice is use your time wisely and focus on your work. I choose this because most people including me and my group we didn’t use our time wisely so we didn’t get much done. I say this because I don’t want you to do the same thing.

My third piece of advice is once you get information write it right away and site you source. I choose this because you might lose your information and source like my group did a few times. So write your information right away.

I hope this letter helps you during Exhibition in working with your partner(s), using your time wisely and not forgetting your information/sources.

Best wishes,


Exhibition Final Reflection

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

The biggest challenge I faced during Exhibition was getting along with my group because my whole time we were ether not talking, not paying attention, talking to much, talking to other groups or being bossy and getting the rest of the group annoyed or angry that made us get frustrated faster and made us separate and made us fight which is bad for our mark and Exhibition in general and presenting to the parents. The second biggest challenge was that we didn’t get much research done because our group wasn’t doing what we had to do and instead we talked to other groups.
How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

We actually did not solve our problems because all we did was yell at each other and fight all the time and then we got mad and separated. We did not solve this because every time we tried someone got hurt.
What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?

I learned that I get frustrated at the smallest things and that I work best with small groups like groups of two because if I’m alone I can’t focus because I want someone their to talk to about the project and because I don’t want to be lonely and when I work with a group of two or more I get things done fast and I can talk to them if I don’t know what it is or if they don’t know what it is i can help them and they can help me.
What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why? 

The most important and meaningful aspect was presenting to the parents because my mom and dad and sisters were there and I wanted to make an impression to them and other people and parents so I worked as hard as I could to make them proud and after we were done they said that it was a amazing presentation and that they were very proud of me and that we did a lot better than they thought we were going to do.
What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

If I could do something differently I would go back and use more of my facts in the presentation because we didn’t use that much so it wasn’t that interesting. Try to get more information, interviews and Felid Trip’s because we needed more information to get more knowledgeable about our topic and because we didn’t answer most of our questions another thing is not to fight with my group because that was the thing that distracted us the most when we did our research and our presenting.

CHOOSE a feedback sticky. Why was this valuable feedback? What did it mean to you?

Exhibition skills goal setting for 3-way conference

1. I want to work on social, resolving conflict because when my group gets in a fight we ether ignore it or tell the teacher right away but I want my group to figure it out themselves.

2. I also will work on social, Cooperation with my group because we hardly ever work together one person is fooling around and another is not doing anything and the rest is arguing. So I want to work on that

3. And finally I want to work on my communication skills, writing because I don’t participate in writing because I don’t like it and because I’m not good at it.


My topic is Drug usage is harming people’s health

This is important to me because a lot of people die, get hurt or get sick from drugs so I want to help people.

I’m excited about learning more about my topic and doing the art project.

I hope people will still be talking about my topic six weeks after Exhibition.

How is it going? It is going good we are always the first ones done.

What skills did you use? I used my thinking skill when I had to write what I thought on a piece of paper

  •                           5T, DRUG USAGE IS HARMING PEOPLE’S HEALTH