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AK Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

My name is Arseniy. My topic for Exhibition was clean water and sanitation. Our central idea was Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. I will give you some advice for when you do exhibition.

My first piece of advice is try not to argue with your group because I had that a bit and we didn’t get much work done when we argued. So try to stay on task and not argue with your group members.

My second piece of advice is that cite your sources right away because we sometimes did not do that and then we lost the piece of really good information. Make sure to do that or you will lose information and it wont feel good. So remember to cite your sources right away. Sometimes we forgot to do it but then we found it again so we got pretty lucky finding the information again.

My last piece of advice is never waste time for anything. Our group we kind of wasted some time and we had barely enough time to finish our research and our poster. Also we had to figure out what everyone is going to say and everything. So be careful of wasting time and try to get along with your group.

Thank you for reading this, future grade five. Hope this gave you some good advice you can take to your group and be more successful.



A.K Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during exhibition was finding reasearch I overcame it by working as hard as I can and I got I done in the end so it was fine and good.

My goal of formulating questions was achieved evidence of this is when we formulated questions I think I came up with 35-40% of our questions so I think I achieved my goal pretty well (in all we had 40 questions)

The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition was probably that we learned how much people don’t have clean water because  now we are trying to save water everyday now and try to help and donate.

If you could experience exhibition again I would try not to argue with my group at all because we would waste less time. Also have some more interviews because we only had 1 interview because we would get way more research out of the interviews.

what I have learned about myself since being involved in exhibition is that I never knew I could work this hard and complete such a task like exhibition I know this because I worked hard and finished exhibition.


Final Blog Post A.K

What are you proud of?

I am proud of our poster because we did it pretty quick and it’s a pretty detailed poster as well. Also I’m proud of staying on task and we didn’t really fool around much.

What was challenging?

Some of the things that were challenging where probably finding reasearch was probably the most challenging part becuase if you searched the question up it didn’t come up. So we had to have an interview or go on lots of different sites. Also another struggle for our group was maybe working together when we presented but we did good anyways.

What was it like to interview people?

For me, I think I was mostly nervous but then I got used to it by the midddle of the interview. I think for some other group members they were also pretty nervous such as Elton but we got the interview done and got the remaining questions done.

Why is it important to interview people?

Probably to get more reasearch finished. Maybe also it’s important because you will be able to word your reasearch better.

What did you gain from this?

I think I gained some knowledge about how to present. I also now know and am informed about this topic that lots of people don’t have clean water and how they have to live, some walk really far from home just to get cleaned water. They miss school and have a hard time getting jobs when they are older.

AK Week 8 Reflection

I think we did quite good on our poster because it looks quite nice and we go the river done. Also we got most of the poster done so I think it’s pretty good we spent like 1 ½ to 2 hours on the poster and it turned out pretty good. I also like our poster because we have like physical 3D objects taped to our poster. We did our action with a interesting looking bottle and a normal 2 litre bottle.

Our reading info also went great because I’m remembering most of it by now. We read it about 4-5 times a day and some of those times we spent 20 minutes reading our research. It’s gotten pretty boring after reading it like so much times as Mr.Walton said that it would get boring eventually and it has gotten really boring now.

I think our mentor helped a lot with our action and other stuff. She also helped us get some research done and in all helped us a lot. I don’t really know if we would have our action without a mentor or it would just take longer to think of an action.

I think a struggle through exhibition was maybe thinking of an action. Finding an action at first we had like no ideas of what we should do for an action but then we got one idea and we did the idea. We didn’t have a lot of other ideas for our action. Also something difficult was finding information online because we couldn’t find a lot of good information. Usually something else came up and not the thing we were looking for. Other than that we didn’t have that much struggles.

AK Week 7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with lots of new knowledge. Exhibition also provides us with working with different people from other classes and friends.

Something that people might not know about exhibition is that we did an action. Also something people might not know about exhibition is how long it took to gather all the information. Also other people might not now that we had interviews.

achieving my goal (formulating questions) has gone pretty good I got a lot of questions typed and in all I think I achieved my goal really well. I wrote about 15 of the questions we had like 45 questions in all.

AK reflection 5

Exhibition is important because we have to inform other people about different problems so they can tell other friends. Then a lot of other people are aware of this news/problem.

We do exhibition to inform other people about world problems and other people are trying to fix these problems. Also we do exhibition because we need to share our new knowledge/information that we learned.

Some skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were social skills when we had to communicate who will do what question. Also I used thinking skills when I had to think of key concept questions.

My goal for exhibition was sharing my ideas and I think I have done it well.