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Letter to the future grade 5s

Dear grade 5s this year! For me I thought exhibition was just a normal fun project and building stuff and just presenting to the school but it turned out bad instead fun!

The tree main skill I chose was art,reflection and action now I’m going to explain art I’ll explain the other topics in the other paragraphs why I chose art because art is 50% and research is 50% like it’s half half the attitudes I picked was respect because you have to respect your partner!

The second important skill in exhibition is action action is a action that your going to change the environment and make it a better place and they are going to learn something from your project and they are not going to make that mistake anymore the attitude that I picked was principled because I am fair because I take turn typing with my partner!

The last skill that I chose was reflections reflection is mostly important because you have to do in every single week writing how is exhibition are you enjoying it? And you have to write about your exhibition topic what you got and who’s your partner and what did you do the past week and my attitude that I picked was thinker cause I think before I ask because you need to think what are we supposed to do!

Advice/tips x2
Some advice for the future grade 5s are to try to stay focus and do not fall behind please stay on task don’t fall behind and don’t talk to other groups!

The closing of exhibition is going to be presenting to your parents and guardians and the first night is done exhibition the next morning you need to show the grade 1,2,3 and 4s what your got!
Good luck [ DONT BE NERVOUS ]

Exhibition Reflections By Grade 4s

I now know that exhibition is a hard thing to do and that exhibition is scary sometimes when talking in front of people.I noticed that the grade 5 exhibition is a good way for the grade 4’s to see what

exhibition is going to be like when they have to do the exhibition.I’m excited for next year when I have to do the exhibition because the

exhibition looks like fun and looks challenging and I like fun things and challenges. RWC


I now know that exhibition is really pretty tough for some people.

I noticed everyone who did exhibition did different topics like hacking,electricity.

I’m exited for exhibition to get easy concept for me to do because

there a better concept because I’m not really good at type And I

don’t like working by myself so that’s why it’s a better concept.

I noticed that after they grade 4s are not interested in exhibition

Final Guidebook Reflection Andy

1. What was the biggest challenge that you faced during the process of the Exhibition, and how did you solve it?

We had trouble on deciding what are we going to do for our art piece and how are we going to present I solved it by using cooperation because I have to work with my partner how we are going to decide here are some examples Rock Paper Scissors or ask someone which one is better!

2. Describe the action you took about this issue. What action still needs to happen, and why?

Our action was a competition who has the most hours win a prize this action has to still be going because lots of students just did not participate in this they said I can’t survive with TV so we thinked are they supposed to go outside daily because if you play inside to much you will get sick easily!

3. What did you learn about yourself that you did not know before the Exhibition?

What I learned in exhibition as that half of the world is on technology daily not outside daily another was kids play 7 hours daily and it said its possible that will happen and in the future they will not build iPads with blue light in them any more, one of the audience said that it’s possible!

4. What was the most interesting aspect of the Exhibition?

The most interesting part of exhibition is that we get to build our art piece another part of exhibition is I like when we get to do group work and work with my partner sometimes it’s not fun sometimes it’s fun for me last thing is that we get to show our key concepts and our project over the 10 weeks!

5. What would you do differently if you could experience the Exhibition again?

I would shoes another partner and a different topic because I want to experience another topic what is it like and is it hard or easy and is the partner is agreeable or not agreeable and I will do that if get to do it again!

6. What advice would you like to give to the students who will plan the Exhibition next year?

I would tell them just focus on they’re work don’t talk to other groups or else they will slow down and you will get behind cause I did that a lot and I fell behind but it will be hard to catch up!

Exhibition Reflection Week 8

The attitude that I used this week was integrity because I am honest about my work and I don’t lie to the teacher that I’m done all my work to get on the art right away I don’t lie that’s why I chose this attitude and another reason I chose integrity when I got done all my work and I did not lie that I was done! The attribute that I used this week was caring because when my partner tries to say something I let him like one time I said no a lot so guessed I should say yes some of his answers and the rest of the day I chose the good ones from his and used another thing I did from caring was I I did not like his idea so we combined answers and made it in to a paragraph! The skill that I used this week was cooperating I worked well in this partner I chose him because I thinked that he was a good partner because I don’t get detracted when he is around another thing was I like cooperating with him we combined sentences that we likes!

3 questions from the sheet. Write down your answers ↓

Please stop at the speaking corner, because the grade 4s is hosting the Speaking Corner and you should pay attention to them!

We are so happy you came to exhibition because exhibition is important to the whole grade 5 team and it is important to us that you came!

I would describe exhibition as a group project or an partner project and it is a project that will change the whole community if that’s a possible way to change the community!

Exhibition Creative Reflection Week 5

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The pup attitude I used this week was respect because I respected my partner when he works like I commit with him like if I don’t like his Idea we can use mine or his like if we can we do Rock Paper Scissors to settle this quickly so we can work.

My learner profile is open minded because I did my work on time from my mentor when she gives us homework I do it before the home work is do just like my mom say if you do it first you get to play after.

My TD skills is selfmangament because I could do my homework before the day is do because I do my homework on time to play but I have to get it all right 100% because I don’t want to fix it again.

Now that I’m halfway through. I’m proud that I’ve done my planning stage and research because those to stages are easy we just need to plan the research a out facts and questions.

This was an important week because we have like 2-4 weeks Until we present to the crowd and schools so we have 2-4 weeks to research about facts and questions and start interviewing people about our exhibition.

After the break, I definitely need to start on researching BIG so after it I have to contact my partner and then go to each others house because we need to do our homework together.

Exhibition Week 4 Reflection by AN & NG

A skill me and Andy did was communication skill because we both discuss to each other when we check with each other when we have new facts or questions.

A attitude me and Nicolas used was cooperation because sometimes our idea is bad I just go with his because sometimes mine is bad so instead I use Nicolas idea if Nicolas idea is bad I cooperate with him and discuss how we are doing this topic or fact or idea for exhibition.

A attribute that we used was inquire because we both reflect every week and talk about what we have done with our mentor and in our classroom.

A action plan is me and Nicolas is going around Prairie waters and might hang posters and say everybody have to go outside for at least 1-2 hours every day for a week and we are going to go to every class and report it to them and we are going to ask the principal can we do this activity for exhibition.

Grade 5 Peer feedback By A.N. N.G.

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Last Friday, we did our sorting our questions and Lines of Inquiry after we did that we created some concepts. We started blogging and another thing from Friday what we did was we gave feedback from the blue sheet from other class rooms like 5T, 5W and 5M.
After we did that we went back to our home room then we read our comments then we went to one of our guidebook then we sorted our questions that people said about us.

Exhibition Week 1 by NG & AN

1) What have we done?
We have been doing brainstorming together and we were also talking about what was exhibition was about. Then we started knowing our partner and mentors but we did not meet our mentors yet only others get to because out mentor is sick.

2) What skills have we used? Be specific!!
We used Communicating skills when we talked on FaceTime. About what we are gonna do for exhibition. Like spray painting or drawing or acting and what are we gonna do if a relationship breaks apart?

3) How do we feel so far?
So far we have done good is brainstorming because we had so much ideas and thinking about plans. We got like the whole page filled and lastly not least we already planned our exhibition is gonna look like!

4) What do we do next?
The next thing we are gonna do is focus more on our design and acting. Then the last thing like 1 day before we will start designing for now we’re going to focus on our work.