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Dear future Grade 5 students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hey my name is Alex Our Exhibition Central Idea: Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was supporting seniors and the reason I chose this topic is because I didn’t want to work alone on the topic I originally I was going to do. Also because I thought it was a important topic. Also I thought it was going to be fun. I mean we are all going to be a senior someday.

My first piece of advice is to try not to get into fights with the people that you work with (mentors and group members) because that was where my group struggled and got behind in work. Also because of that the pressure was on for me and my group. At that point we had to rush. We had to rush on the three posters, props and costumes. It was tiring but we survived.

My second piece of advice is to stay on task because you can get in a lot of trouble. Even in some cases you don’t get to work on your iPad. Also you can get really behind like really behind on your work. Trust me, being just a little bit of task can get you in a hole lotta trouble. It is not fun once you get caught.

My Third piece of advice is to not give up because if you do it will be way harder for you and your group. Like me I gave up on my poster but giving up was not an option I had to try and I did, I did it. Don’t give up live me you can do it because I believe. Also don’t give up if you are scared of Exhibition it is actually really fun. Just try and you will succeed.

That you for taking the time to read this. Also I hope you find this information useful. Also I hope you have fun and get through Exhibition just like me.


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Am week 6 reflection

What was challenging about the process?

I found getting along with ether groups challenging because other groups are distracting us. Sometimes my group had trouble cooperating with each other and sometimes there argu.

2) What TD skills are important throughout the process of Exhibition? Cooperation,
Creativity, research skills, thinking skills, self-management skills, communication skills, social skills.

3) How does Exhibition inspire you to take action?
Exhibition has inspired me to spend more time with seniors because they have taught me to appreciate them more.
I liked visiting with them and helping them if they had any problems.
I enjoyed talking to them and listening to their stories.
If I didn’t do Exhibition then I probably would not have even thought about spending time with senior citizens.
I think I would like to write letters to a couple of the seniors that I met. I think this would make them happy.

Am week 7 reflection


Exhibition provides us with an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
Also you get an opportunity to learn new things and you may get information you can use it the future.

Something that people might not know about Exhibition is it isn’t as bad as it seems. It is a very fun thing to do even now it can be a lot of work. It is also A good learning experience for kids.

Achieving my goal ( spelling ) has gone very well. For example I am doing way better at figuring out words by myself. Also trying to be more independent when it comes to spelling.

Am week 5 reflection

Exhibition is important because you learn a lot of new things and different things that you might need to now in the future. Also you get to work with new people (maybe) and if you do now the people you are working with then you probably well learn more about them. Also maybe make new friends and it is also a good learning
experience and you can learn how to cooperate.

We do Exhibition because it is fun and you learn A lot about your topic. You can meet new people and learn new information. I also think that you can learn how to do things think.

Am week 8 reflection

It was fun to get to do poster, I think it was interesting to draw a logo for the first time. But sadly ☹️ I didn’t have time to colour it. But it still looks good, it looks good. We didn’t really get to talk about the displays but I have a few things in mind. I think we are some that Organized and we did great reading info and we didn’t rehearse at all.
I think we had one of the best mentor and the best group. Thanks to everyone for helping me with exhibition.

Week 1 Reflection -Alex

Describe what your mean idea/focus your that have come out of your this week (2-3 sentences)

I’m excited to finally  finish exhibition because I don’t want to fale exhibition.

I hope  I don’t fale  exhibition

This is important to me because   I love to help animals and  people.

Post a picture of your essential  agreement .

A category-  your topic.  senior citizen.