Dear future grade fives students

Dear future grade fives students.

Hi my name Trey  and our central idea was society responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community and my topic was concussions in sports I chose it because I wanted to bring back some awareness about concussion so kids and adults can be more safe in what there doing I am writing a letter so I can tell you about  exhibition. Here is some advice so you can complete exhibition in a good mood.

1 my first piece of advice is be on task all the time because you will never get stuff done if you are fooling around and also don’t be around your friends because you will get off task and never get research done and research is so hard  also be aware you are because there’s something that will. Attract you to touch or play with and what you are doing find a good spot so you will not get off task.

2 second piece of advice is choose a good topic for you try not to be with your friends  because you will get in trouble if there your best friend and get off task and make sure it’s a  proper topic for you.

3 my third advice is think positive about exhaustion because if you are struggling go take a walk or find your mentor That’s in the school and ask for some help. When you have to research you questions it will get frustrating because you will probably go through ten different sites to find the answer

I hope that this help you out three important things to know about  exhibition

1 don’t get frustrated

2 have a proper action and topic

3 the most important is have fun.

Sincerely Trey Johnson.


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