Dear future grade five students

Dear grade 5 students


My name is Mostafa. The central idea of who we are is society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.  My topic is preventions and solutions to air pollution. I chose this topic because I chose this topic because I wanted you see different ways to prevent air pollution. This letter is to let you know what exhibition Is about, and suggestions.


One piece of advice I could give you, is to work well with your group. If you don’t work well with your group you will always get into arguments. That could so you down by a lot.


Second piece of advice is don’t get off task.Time flies bye and when you waste time You always think you have all the time in the world but you don’t.


Third piece of advice is don’t talk to other groups. If you talk to other groups is getting your group and other groups off task.


I hope this letter helps. Don’t forget work well with your group, don’t get off task,or talk to other groups.


Best wishes,


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