Dear future Grade 5s

Dear future Grade 5 student

My name is Nathanael. Our Exhibition theme was who we are. Our central idea was: society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My Exhibition topic was about the effects of drugs. I chose this topic because drugs can be really bad and addictive so I wanted to learn more about it. This letter is to give you information and details about Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is to choose topic that you are interested. If you choose a topic you are not interested in then you will not like the research and it might be hard for you.

My second piece of advice is to stay away from groups and friends that you know or else you will have a hard time finishing up your work.

My third piece advice is when you are speaking with adults and answering questions is to give them information so that they are more informed about your topic.

I hope this letter will help you in Exhibition. Choose a topic that interests you,stay away from people who distract and answer adult questions during the showcase.



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