Dear Future Grade 5’s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Hello My name is Nooren,Our Central idea was Society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic for Exhibition was Water Pollution and how it affects the Bow River Watershed.

My first piece of advice is pick a topic that you are passionate about not a topic your friend wants. Because your going to learn about that topic for 10 weeks and if your not interested in that topic it’s going to be boring and hard. But if you pick a topic you like it’s going to be fun even without your friends.

My second piece of advice is that you stay focused and stay on task. If you don’t further on you are going to struggle because your going to be left behind and being left behind on one thing in exhibition is a big deal it will affect you a lot.

My last piece of advice is that when it’s showcase time make sure to speak loud and clear so you look and sound confident also always keep eye contact with everyone so that you look interested and it will keep the audience interested. Lastly don’t fidget because if you fidget you will look like your nervous and don’t know your topic perfectly.

I hope that my feedback will help you throughout exhibition.

Make sure to pick a topic you like, stay on task, speak loud and clear keep eye contact and don’t fidget.

Best wishes from Nooren


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