Dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade 5 students,

My name is Danica. The central idea for exhibition this year was society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. My topic was inclusive community facilities. I chose it because, well I had a different topic but the person I got paired with there topic had some similarities to mine but we went more her way because I wanted to learn more about her idea. This letter is about my advice on how to help you with exhibition.

My first piece of advice is to choose the topic that you want don’t choose the one your friend chose because, if you get into the same group sometimes you can fight and not work because you are Being silly.

My second piece of advice is to get lots of information and if you need help ask because lots of people around you have good ideas. Like your mentor and teachers around you.

My last piece of advice is try and make a really good action because when you have finished your action you feel like you made an impact in the community and you will feel very accomplished.

I hope this letter helps you with choosing you topic properly, getting good information and your action.



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