Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade Five Students,


Hi my name is Kyle our Exhibition central idea was society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was animal therapy and I chose it because I love animals, and it connected because they make you mentally healthy. In this letter I will be giving you advice for Exhibition.


My 1st piece Of advice is to always stay on task even if other kids aren’t and it’s annoying stay on task just keep working  and when there struggling to finish and you’re already done your the one who’s not stressing and just simply  practicing your presentation your presentation.


My second piece of advice is Listen to the teachers, if you listen to the teachers they will tell you what you need to do and keep you on track, if you don’t you will find yourself not doing what you need to do and struggling to catch up.  


My final piece of advice is practice your presentation lots, if you’ve practiced enough you won’t be nervous you’ll say everything you need say it clearly and won’t be nervous. My group did this and the showcase flew by it was easy, fun and simple.


I hope this letter helps you for when you do Exhibition and that you remember to Stay on task, listen to your teacher and practice presenting.


Kind Regards,



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