Dear future grade 5 students

Dear future grade fives,

My name is Naman, and my topic is gender equality I choose this topic because I wanted to take action and try to stop gender inequality and start equality but before you can do that you need to learn about gender inequality and equality so this is why I choose this topic. Our central idea was:Society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. This letter is about…advice. This advice should help you go through exhibition smoothly.

My first piece of advice is to not choose what your friends or friend chooses because then if you are picked to be together you will have tons of of fights and it will feel like the longest ten weeks of your life. The teachers in charge of you will keep you together and if you have a fight you will have to stick with that person and keep on working with them until the end of exhibition. That is something you might not want to do so stay positive and listen to your group members not argue with them, ( like my group did ) stay happy with your group.

My second piece of advice is to not waste time like me and my group did because then we had not enough research and we were behind so we needed to speed up but it was hard to get the research and all the other stuff beside research and we were far, far, of while people were all the way up done putting there research into the folders. Then when we went for the interview we got tons of information and is two days we were done research so don’t talk to other groups and stay focused on your work because it will help you not other groups how are doing another topic.

My third piece of advice is to speak louder when you are presenting to the kids and to the parents because if you are quiet you will need to repeat lots of things that you say and it will be hard for them to understand you and then they will not be interested in your presentation and go away to someone else’s presentation and turn their backs towards you. Try to talk louder so that you have more people involved into your presentation.

Best wishes,

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