Dear Future Grade 5 Students!

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Tiana. In Exhibition our central idea was society’s responsibility is to build physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was Animal Therapy. I choose this topic because I wanted to learn more about how animals can help with therapy.

In this letter I will be giving you advice for when you do Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is use your time wisely. Don’t fool around with your partner(s) because if you don’t use your time wisely you won’t get much work done. You may think 9 weeks is a lot of time but it is not. It goes by so fast. The stage of Exhibition is #1 Pick your topic, #2 See who’s in your group, #3 Get to know each other, #4 Start some research, #5 Start more research and you will start having interviews with experts, #6 Then you start making your scripts for when you share all of that knowledge you know about your topic with people that may not know a lot about your topic, #7 Then comes Exhibition night.

My second piece of advice is to cooperate with your partner(s) and try not to fight because you have to be with you partner(s) for 9 more weeks. So I don’t thinking fighting in the first week of Exhibition is going to help you for the next 9 weeks. Also is you fight you may not get that much work done & then when people ask you questions our may not know the answer because you didn’t find that much information about your topic & your script for Exhibition night has to be 5 minutes or longer.

My third piece of advice is to cite your sources right after you have an interview or a website Ms. Hooper gives you because if you don’t cite your sources then you will have to go back and look at where you found the information from and that takes up some time. But if you cite your sources right after you get information you won’t waste time.

I hope this letter helps you with citing your sources, cooperating with your group & using your time wisely.

Yours Sincerely,


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