Dear future Grade 5

Dear future Grade 5

My name is gabby. My topic is supporting seniors. I chose this topic because I wanted kids and grown-ups to know that seniors are more than just your grandma or grandpa there people that are very nice. And I wanted people to know that they are very sick or they have very Bad diseases. So if you learn more about this topic then you can help your grandma and grandpa get well soon. In this letter I will be getting you advice about exhibition that I hope will help you.

My first piece of advice is. If you are in a Group try to collaborate together. So you guys are no fighting during the middle of exhibition. So you guys don’t get left behind and have to work extra hard to get back where everyone else is in exhibition so you guys still have lots of research.

My Second piece of advice is. To pick a topic and stick to it because if you are in the presentation and you are grown and you are mad and sad then everybody will think that you didn’t want to do exhibition. And you didn’t want to do the topic you pit.And they made you do it when it was your choice the whole time so you do not get in trouble from the teachers and the future future grade 5 don’t think that exhibition is fun or interesting to do so they are growing me mad and sad to. And do not pick the same topic as your friend so you guys do not get up off of task.

My Final piece of advice is. to always be a pair because these teachers are very helpful but they do like to push you a little farther than you are. So always be a pair for them to tell you to work harder try your best and many more. So you do not have Bailey nursing for your presentation. And you feel well that the teachers help to you and you made it with a good mark. Always let the teachers help you because they weren’t always be right.

I hope that these three pieces of advice help you feel the way of exhibition. And member to work with your group to gather unless you’re alone. And to stick to your topic you pick so you don’t do the same public as your friend. And get a bad mar. And be a pair for exhibition.

Best luck to you

From Gabby

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