RO Final Reflection

My biggest challenge was presentation. I overcame it by just doing the presentation and getting it over with. I also overcame it because I was confident and I wanted to do it but at the same time I didn’t but I’m glad I did it and now it’s over with.

My goal of risk taking was achieved because I did the presentation, made a poster which everyone could see, talked about my topic and tried my hardest.

I would choose a different topic because I didn’t really like my topic or my group and I wasn’t with them for a week and I didn’t feel welcome because I had an original group but I had to be moved so I only had 8 weeks with my group.

I have learned that if I’m nervous and I just try then I can succeed at what I’m trying to do. How I know this is I thought I was going to fail badly and be bad, but in the end if I just try I will be less nervous and be good.

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