Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

My name is Porter and I have a few things to tell you about Exhibition. The Grade 5 Exhibition Central Idea is: Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community, and my topic was Poverty.

Exhibition was very stressful and scary, it was stressful because the topic was studying was Poverty and it wasn’t even in my top 3 of choices, so I didn’t want to do Exhibition. It was scary because I didn’t want this topic so I didn’t want to do anything but I realized that my partner wasn’t able to do Exhibition by herself so we weren’t going to finish, so I decided to help out.

A piece of advice I have is even if you don’t get the partner or the topic you want don’t give up and try your hardest to succeed and it will be perfectly fine.

Another piece of advice I have is when you think your done read over your information use your time wisely and get more information and then your presentation will be great.

Finally my last piece of advice is have fun, work hard, collaborate with your partner, have a great time, and when your presenting enjoy the moment.

I hope you find this advice helpful, and good luck with Exhibition.



Kind Regards Porter

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