Dear Future PWEX Students

Dear Future #PWEX Students,

Hi my name is Rhiara. Our Exhibition Central Idea is Society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was Supporting Seniors and I chose that topic because I wanted to learn more about seniors and they are very important to us in the world. In this letter I will tell you about why Exhibition is important and my advice.

My first piece of advice is to not be scared especially if you think exhibition is hard and you won’t be good at all. Exhibition can be pretty nerve-racking and stressful at times and can make you scared but in the end it’ll be okay as long as you are focused and control yourself.

My second piece of advice is to stay on task and don’t be silly with your partner(s). I chose this because if you’re working with friends then it’s very easy to get off task because you and your friend(s) might want to talk. You might find exhibition boring but if you are off-task then you’ll regret it when it comes to presentation and marks. So please don’t be off task, I promise you will regret it.

My third price of advice is to choose a topic you know you’re definitely interested in. You should do this because if you don’t have a good topic then you could not be happy and you might think it is to hard. So please choose a topic you’d like and you want to learn more about.

I hope this will help you with Exhibition.



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