Dear Future Grade Fives

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Erleen. My Exhibition topic was Problems with Social Media. I chose this topic because I was interested in Problems with Social Media. The Central Idea was: Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. I am here to give some advice. I hope this is helpful.

My first piece of advice is, that make sure you stay on task and work hard because you will finish all your work and you will not be scared that you are behind. Do everything that the teachers say. Do everything thing to your best ability. Make sure you do your bibliography because it is very important. Surely this will help you for sure.

My second piece of advice is that make sure you get along with your partner because people will waste most of your time. My partner and I didn’t fight but my friends groups did. It will waste your time and you will not get a lot done. Just try to solve it and listen to your partner. If thing get out of control get a teacher.

My third piece of advice is don’t stress out because that will make everything worse. Just do your work and enjoy because you only get to this once. I was scared at first but it is not that scary. It is really fun so I hope you enjoy.



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