Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi i’m Jaidyn for my topic I did child neglect it was really sad when we had to learn that some of the kids die and it broke my heart to find things like this out. For our action we did a drive to make these kids feel at home and safe.

Some advice you may need is to always stay on task because you may not get work done and you may let your group down and your mentor that’s there to help you.

Some more advice you may need is…… to know a little bit about your topic before you pick it otherwise your doing something you know nothing about and after a little bit you may not want to do that topic anymore because you may get bored and not knowing what your doing.

There’s lots more of advice but here’s the most important you need to be proud and ready to provide the parents and students with good information and be ready to tell them everything

I wish you the best through everything


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