Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,


My name is Sophia. Our central idea was Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community, My topic was supporting seniors.

I’m going to tell you some advice that will help you get through exhibition hopefully it without any problems.


My first piece of advice it to stay on task because if you don’t you will get no work done or you will get your iPad taken away if you fool around. If you don’t work hard or you fool around then you won’t answer all your questions that you made.


My second piece of advice is to get along with your group because if you don’t again you won’t have lots of work done. Also if you don’t get along you won’t have that much fun in Exhibition.


My last piece of advice is to only work with you group not others. You should not do work with other groups especially you friends because you are most likely to get off task. You will have lots of time after Exhibition and at recess.





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