Dear Furture Grade Five Students


Dear Future Grade Five Students,

My name is Emma I wish you the best luck with exhibition. I want to tell you something’s about exhibition and ways to help. When you are starting don’t think you are going to mess up on everything you are going to do amazing.

You fight sometimes in exhibition over what you are doing and how you are going to be doing it. When you are goofing around and someone gets frustrated and you start fighting with them and it bad but later you stop. When you don’t fight you get more work done and that’s what you want.

One piece of advice I am going to give you is with your research don’t get mad because you can put the questions in your own words and you can put two questions together.

When you make your art piece don’t hog it let someone else in your group do something. don’t annoy anyone in your group when they are working because you don’t have that long to do it. I would try to make the best of it.

When you have an interview with someone you have to know who you are calling because you don’t want to call the wrong person like I did. The numbers were beside each other and I got messed up so make sure you don’t do the same thing that I did.

Remember to stay on task and try to learn about your topic and exhibition as much as you can. I hope you get the topic you what. I want you to be passionate for your topic I want you to have a good topic and the one you want. I hope this advice is helpful for you. Have a amazing year and keep working hard.




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