Week reflections

I found putting sentences into my own words hard because I had to find synonyms for a lot of words and make it make sense. I found researching hard because I had to find good information and put it into my own words. I found it hard to answer the questions because I had to research and find what it meant.


The TD skills I used were social skills because I talk to my group. I also used communication skills because I shared my ideas. I used research skills because I researched what things meant and other stuff.


Exhibition inspired me to take action because all the research I found and other stuff. It also does because some people can’t afford sports or play them.


Exhibition is important because people in the school can learn lots of facts and other stuff. So they could get all the research they need.


We do exhibition because people get to go to learn things they want to learn. So they could learn about stuff.


The skills I used in exhibition were communication because I talk a lot. Social because I share my ideas.


We made a football, a basketball, a soccer ball and a hockey stick. I made a poster of a human that had a heart, lungs, bones, veins and arteries because sports help them.

Chasetin, Nahid and I had to read research while Sartaj was making an Olympic medal. It was a challenge to make the clay sport stuff because it kept getting crushed and falling apart. We had to read the research and remember five things that sports help.


I’m proud that I actually got through exhibition because it was so long and boring. I’m proud of the art piece I made for exhibition because I didn’t know it would look good.

I’m proud of reading the research and actually remembering it.


It was challenging to get through exhibition because it was really hard and boring.

It was challenging remembering all my research because there was so much. It was challenging to put sentences into my own words because there was so many words I had to search.


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