Final Reflections!!!!!!!!! Lorelei

What is the biggest challenge you faced during exhibition?

During exhibition the biggest challenge I faced was probably doing research because you made the questions and there was no specific resource to go to to answer that question.  All of the questions you made were different then the resources and it was really difficult to search all over the Internet just to find one answer.

How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

I just had to continue reading over a lot of different websites that ms. Hooper provided us with and listening to our interview over and over.  Our interview was probably the best source we could’ve had because she answered about 5 of our questions easily.

what have you learned about yourself since being involved in exhibition?

what I have learned about myself this exhibition is that I  can use music therapy when I need to. I get stressed out about things really easily and now I know that I can use music therapy and that I could’ve been using it before.

What was the most important,  interesting or meaningful thing you learned during exhibition? Why?

The most important thing I learned was really meaningful to me was that  A lot and a lot of people in the world are very mentally ill and they don’t know  that music therapy can help them. This is really meaningful because I feel like people should be able to know what can cure them or help them.

What would you do differently, or maybe be more mindful  of if you could do exhibition again? I would probably not talk as much and do work more. Even  though we didn’t fall behind, I saw a lot of other groups Falling behind it looked like they were really struggling and I was fooling around sometimes so maybe I shouldn’t have and did more work.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give the students  who will work through exhibition next year?

I would tell them to make sure to stay on task and focus because if you fall behind you will have tons and tons of work to do  each day and it will be really difficult rather than having to do  not a lot of work each day.

What was your goal and how did it go?

My goal was to stay on task because I wanted to get work done when I was supposed to and not fall behind and I succeeded. I didn’t know that falling behind be so bad and I thought it would just be a little bit hard but then when I saw other groups falling behind I was so grateful that I didn’t.  Even though I wasn’t on task a few times I still never really fell behind.




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