Final Reflections.

The biggest challenge that we have faced during Exhibition was that outside of exhibition we were friends and so we would get into fights and arguments and so we would bring those arguments and fights into exhibition and we would argue with each other or fight over random things but after how we solved it was we had conversations with each other about how we can problem solve and we also talked about how we should stop fighting with each other, we also told each other that “we cant bring these arguments into exhibition and we need to work because we don’t have tons of time left” and so then we got more focused on our research and we were staying on task and not arguing. I have learned about myself in exhibition that I can work with new people that I may have not worked with before or with people that I’m not even friends with and  I usually I work with my friends and so I learned that I can work with new people and some of those people I have never worked with before and so I learned that I can work with new people and that I can work well with them. The most important thing that I have learned in Exhibition is that teamwork is important because if you don’t show teamwork you won’t get much done which then you will have to do that work on your own time. If I could do Exhibition all over again next time I would add personal things like if I’ve ever experienced gender inequality because in our presentation we only used our research and next time we could have made personal connections. My  advice for students that are going to be doing exhibition next year is that next year don’t pair up with your best friends because then when your working with them you can get into lots of fights and  you’ll also be talking to them about things that don’t connect to your topic which then you’ll get offf task and you won’t get any research done which then will cause you to do all of the things that you were supposed to do during Exhibition instead to do it on your own time, when your off task with your Best friend which will lead you into getting into trouble.

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