Final Reflection.

What is the biggest challenge you faced During exhibition?

The biggest challenge was not taking over during speaking over when we were doing the showcase with the kids and adults. I wanted to take over but I knew I couldn’t I wanted more parts but I couldn’t because it wouldn’t be fair. Another big challenge was making decisions becuase everyone wanted there’s to get chosen and sometimes they would say that your idea isn’t that good.

How did you work to overcome or solve that challenge?

I overcome not trying to take over by only saying what I needed to say and not adding anymore ideas to say more. I also overcome not always using my ideas because after we started to use voting for our decision making times and that worked out fairly and even if someone was a little upset everyone knew that that was the fair way, 

What have you learned about yourself while being involved in exhibition?

The things I’ve learned are that I usually like having my ideas and I usually want them all to agree with my idea. Another thing I’ve learned is that I thought I would like to have as less ideas to say as possible but I wanted a lot after practing I wanted most of the parts to say because it was boring listening to your group members talking. 

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition for you? Why?

The most important thing of exhibition was the showcase because that’s the time when people get to know about the importance of that topic and how to stop that from happing. Like my topic was gender equality we told them about gender equality and how to stop it. The most interesting thing was the creative part making the posters we made because it was really fun and interesting to see if it turns out how we wanted our no. It was also interesting because when people said that they like our posters it was interesting since we thought that they wouldn’t say anything like that. The most meaningful thing was being the MC and talk to all those parents because I thought that I wouldn’t get the part for MC but I actually did and that was really meaningful to me. 

What would you do differently, or be mindful of if you could experience exhibition again?

If I did exhibition again what I would do differently is instead of making posters making statues of gender equality like a statue of girl then boy and equal sign. Since it would also make people come to our stand and attract them to our stand/showcase. 

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through exhibition next year.

The advice I would give to students next year is to do your work and not fool around becuase if you do and don’t get your work done then you will be behind and will be rushing and when your rushing your work it isn’t that good. 

My goals

My first goal was my reading goal which I think I accomplished because I was reading when we had to resarch. My second goal was using my time wisely which I did becuase I did my work and didn’t fool around. 



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