Final reflection

My biggest struggle was to listen to the interviews the people were very quiet so we couldn’t really hear the people we were interviewing and it took us 2 weeks to the interviews.

How I over come the is I stayed on task and did my job so I could do my job by doing a good job during Exhibition to do good presentating to the little kids and help them learn.

I have learned that I have even more  interest for animals and how they help people but know I want to learn how animals can help the world.

The most meaningful part is that doing the research to help people learn and performance is really important to me because if you have a bad performance people won’t like you presentation.

That we have less time to do Exhibition it was long but worth maybe 8 weeks instead of nine because Exhibition took so much of our time.

Stay on task or else your work won’t get done and you will have a bad grade for Exhibition Anna the teachers will be mad.

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