The biggest struggle during exhibition was probably finishing all our action and our showcase done in time for our presentation because it was hard because there was only two people in my group so we didn’t get it done as quick as other groups that had four people.

My group and I solved that challenge because we just moved to a quiet spot and barely communicated because we were so focused with getting the showcase done on time.

The thing that I learned about myself was probably, that I was nervous about it and i was shy during presentation. I think I was nervous about exhibition because I never kne w,y partner before so I thought it wouldn’t be a very good experience. But when I got to know him, I was a good experience

The most important part of exhibition is probably starting out really well and on task because then it will follow on during the rest of exhibition. If you don’t start out well, then you will probably fall behind and not be ready for the presentation.

What I would do differently is probably get more interviews done because we only had two interviews and it didn’t answer all of our questions so I would probably want more interviews.

Some advice is probably to communicate well with your group so you don’t fight. Another piece of advice is to probably stay on task so you don’t fall behind.

I thought my goal went well because if I would get off task I would just move to a different spot or just go for a walk and stretch out.





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