A.K Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during exhibition was finding reasearch I overcame it by working as hard as I can and I got I done in the end so it was fine and good.

My goal of formulating questions was achieved evidence of this is when we formulated questions I think I came up with 35-40% of our questions so I think I achieved my goal pretty well (in all we had 40 questions)

The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition was probably that we learned how much people don’t have clean water because  now we are trying to save water everyday now and try to help and donate.

If you could experience exhibition again I would try not to argue with my group at all because we would waste less time. Also have some more interviews because we only had 1 interview because we would get way more research out of the interviews.

what I have learned about myself since being involved in exhibition is that I never knew I could work this hard and complete such a task like exhibition I know this because I worked hard and finished exhibition.


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