Week One Reflection

I am excited to do are lines of I inquiry. I am really excited to start researching this topic. I am am also excited to make are stand. It was lots of fun making the e ssential agreements. We drew pictures and wrote and made a rainbow.

I hope to accomplish what ever task I had and I want o accomplish more. I want whatever I finish to be an advancing or mastering mark. I will try my best to work ans not get distracted. For me this is the biggest thing in my life so far and it will help later in life. It will help with reasearch so I will know what to do and how to research anything, It will help with me not being shy and help me present better. Also it is are last year so it will be a big finish for are last year in elementary School.

This matters to me because people get bullied everyday on social media. People are getting injured and even died because of social media. People get so addicted to their phone that they will get on as soon as possible. Kids get detention because of social media. People get in car accidents because they ar paying attention to their phones. These are all big problems so I want to help it.


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