JM-Week 7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with a chance to actually learn about something that we want and to get the chance to work with students we haven’t got to yet. I hope all the kids that do exhibition get to do the topic they want because sometimes it can be hard if you don’t know what your about to research because otherwise it will be really hard because you don’t know what your talking. Exhibition also provides us with lots of time to get to know each other and learn more together.

Something that people might not know about exhibition is that we have to work really hard before we actually get to build are artwork. We need to get all of are research done and all of are work. They also might not know that we can get our iPads taken away if we’re not on task.

Achieving my goal has been very hard at some times but easy at others. I hope to achieve my goal even more than I already have I want to make it more challenging so I can have a challenges in exhibition. For example when I decided not to talk I just worked because some of my group mates were talking and I told them not to.

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