HM week 8 reflections

Me and Trey did our poster our poster says (concussions in sports) and has a bunch of sports stuff like footballs soccer balls basketballs and hockey.

We also did our art piece it is a brain made of clay and there’s a skull around the brain.

We couldn’t do the rehearsing because our art kept falling down because it was so heavy so we put like 50 tacks to hold it up and it kept falling so we didn’t have time for rehearsing.

We did our mentor (thank you’s) we couldn’t have done it without Troy our mentor he did pretty much all our research and told us to do when we didn’t know what to do.

Our spot for exhibition night is right beside Mrs McKernon’s classroom cause we already have all our stuff (set up) there.

It was hard to find research because we would go on 10 different websites before we could find the research for the question.

eventually it became easier cause we knew which websites where good and which were bad.

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