HM final blog post

I’m proud of getting all of it done cause it was really hard sometimes and it was hard to do the research cause we would have to go through like 10 different websites before we would find the information we needed.

The research and when the brain fell down was challenging because we had to make a whole new art piece cause it fell and broke. The research and set up was hard because we had to go through ten different websites before we found what we needed. The set up was hard because we didn’t know how to set it up until the start of exhibition night.

When we interviewed people it was hard to ask them questions cause they gave us really complicated answers that even our mentor couldn’t understand but sometimes they gave us simple answers like for yes or no questions.

It’s important to interview people because they might know things about your topic you don’t and you can get other people perspective on a concussion or your topic. It’s also important cause you can get answer for question you won’t know and they can give you extra information.

I gained knowing about concussion and the effects of them and how to avoid them and I know how to avoid them I gained knowing how to present better in front of people

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