Feedback Reflection-Kamryn

I think my group did really well on communication skills and I think we had great posture. I think we did good  at communication and posture because I feel like when we speaked it was clear and they could understand it and we weren’t fidgeting and we were standing tall. How I think I achieved it. It is because I think we did really well organizing and speaking clear.


I think we had a lot of confidence because we spoked with confidence and we also knew a lot of  the answers to all the questions. We also answered a lot of them not all but most. Another thing was we understood  a lot of our information about our topic and we were very knowledgeable about our topic.

I think we can talk a little bit louder because people kept on asking if we could say that again. I think we can improve this by talking louder and speak up more because their were a lot of people that were around us that were talking to so that was hard.


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