Feedback Reflection – Alexis

I think that I achevied having tons of different perspectives because when we were doing our presentation I talked about some different options for wind energy. For example I said that some people think that wind turbines ruin beautiful landscape and some people think that  wind turbines look better than mountains. I think that I did a good job of talking loud because talking louder was our feedback from the grade fours and I noticed a big difference in my voice. For example when we were presenting to the grade fours I was very quiet and they could barely hear me and during the adult presentation I was louder and they could hear me.


I think I did not achieve being relaxed and slow down because I was really nervous so I just wanted to talk really fast so that I could be done the presentation so that I could take a few seconds to calm down before the next presentation. For example I would talk really fast and then the presentation would be over so I could calm down before the next one.

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