Feedback Reflections

I worked really well during the presentation because me and partner had practiced what part we say but if we were in a one on one presentation with them we both knew everything we needed to and could of presented alone. We also were good at getting everything cutting in and saying something even if our partner was going to continue. For example If my partner said something and she was going to ask if there was any questions I would cut in and talk about our action before we forget.

I did a good job on our research because I was almost always on task and getting research done. Even though our sights weren’t a big help I was able to decode as much as possible, but when we didn’t have enough research I was able to go through and decode websites and interviews to awnser the remaining questions.

I was really nervous while presenting and had trouble pronunciations my words well because I was talking fast and not making sure they understood. I constantly messed up while talking and had to correct myself often and plenty of times my partner had to cut in and help.

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