Feedback Reflection.

What I’ve achieved.

think I achieved this because our group was prepared when we were presenting and our whole group was there it was never like two of us were there and one wasn’t. We were also prepared with our showcase becuase we wouldn’t talk over top of each other. Another way we were prepared is when your not prepared sometimes you don’t know who saying what that well and then one person would just take other. Since we were prepared we had equal parts.

I think I’ve achieved being professional because I used to fidget with my hair when we would be practicing our showcase but during the actual thing I didn’t fidget with my hair. We were also professional since we knew our topic when someone would ask a question we would know the answer. If we didn’t know the answer that would look bad and they would think we didn’t know our topic or we didn’t reasearch that much.

What I didn’t achieve.

I think I wasn’t talking loud enough because there was a lot of noise becuase of other showcases. Some parents had to come closer to hear what we’re saying somethimes. Maybe next time I should practice to speak louder while we’re practing our lines.

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