Week 10 Reflections~Sarah

I am proud that I worked on Exhibition for ten weeks and I got a lot of information under my questions for research and the research that we found we then used for our actual presentation, I’m also proud that even though we got into fights we talked to each other and we told each other that we can’t bring this fight into Exhibition and so we got over it quickly and didn’t bring it into exhibition after the conversations.

Exhibition is different from the projects that I have done in the past because the other projects that I have done only take a couple weeks but you have to work on exhibition for 10 weeks and in exhibition you have to get lots of information under your topic but for the projects that I have done before you only a little bit of information.

I feel that my message in the presentation did inspire some people because as I was saying my opinion about what I thought about gender equality people would nod their heads and say “I agree” and add on to what I was saying.

Now that I have gone threw Exhibition I feel that I can carry on the skills that I have learned because as I’m older and I’m in a job I am prepared for going to meetings and I’m also prepared for example if I’m selling a product or if I work somewhere and I need to have an advertisement for it I need to prepare for it and work on the information under the advertisement and I need to prepare my lines on what I’m going to say which exhibition helps us prepare for those things.

My mentor has helped us with our information because he gave us websites, even though ms hooper gave us websites we didn’t get all the information we needed and our mentor helped us with our research and he also helped us because we got into a lot of fights and he talked to us and told us how to problem solve.

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