Week 10 Reflection – Alexis

I am proud of my research because I feel like I answered my research questions really well. For example for my questions I had big paragraphs of very useful information which helped me a lot in my showcase. I think Exhibition is different from projects in the past because it is a longer process. For example most projects are around 1 – 3 weeks were Exhibition is about 10 weeks. I feel like my message inspired people. For example we almost had two full pages full of people’s signatures so that shows that they are interested and inspired. One skill that I will definitely  take with me is my social skills. For example if you are working in a group you definitely need to agree and not get in conflicts with your group or else you will not succeed. Working with my mentor supported my learning. For example if my group did not have a mentor we would not have tasks to guide us through Exhibition and we would not know what to do.

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