Reflections Part One.

What are you proud of.                                                                                                 I’m proud of completing exhibition and doing it really good I’m proud that our showcase wasn’t a complete flop. In the beginning I thought that it wouldn’t work out good but it went really good.

How is Exhibition different than other projects you’ve done in the past.           Exhibition is different then other projects becuase in exhibition you do research questions, lines of inquiry, essential agreement, action, creative piece, interviews,. In other projects there aren’t these many steps.

Do you feel your message inspired your audience.                                             I feel our message inspired the audience becuase the poster we made we thought was really powerful.The 50/50 poster was the most powerful because it was simple and represented that there both men and female equal.

Now that you’ve experienced exhibition what will you take with you to apply to future projects.                                                                                               Now that I’m done exhibition I will use the skills cumunication skills becuase when I’m older I’m going to need to cumunication when I get a job or during school. I will also use thinking skills becuase i would need to think about my decision in futhor during school or when I’m older and need to make decisions.

How did working with a mentor support your learning.                                I think it helped becasuse our mentor gave us useful websites that we wouldn’t be able to find without our mentor. Our mentor also helped us with our interview questions and making them easier to answer.  

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