I am proud of being able to put all the information in my own words because even though there was information that was very short I tried my best to put it my own words and make sure that it makes sense. Also putting your information in your own words is important because it’s not your information so you can’t just copy it.

Exhibition is different because most of the times you have to work on a project for 2-4 weeks but we worked on exhibition for 10 weeks. Also I haven’t had a mentor in any other presentations and also we usually only present it to the class and teacher instead of the school community and adults. Lastly I have never had to write a persusive letter to join a group so that’s a unique way to join a group and pick a topic.

I think my presentation inspired people by thinking more about water pollution and knowing it’s a bigger deal also after seeing some pictures and samples so that when pepople drop garbage they think more about what will happen to the water and they pick it up and throw it in the garbage that is something my brother and sister have done that’s how it changed there mind and that’s how they got inspired.

now that I have went throug exhibition the skills I am going to carry are bibliography skills that’s a skill that everyone needs to know and putting it in your own words because it is not your information so you have to cite it so we know who’s information it actually is plus if we didn’t cite our sources then if we need to go back to the website you can go and check it to see where you got it from. Also my communication skills that was one of my goals but I think that I did great on my goal and I gave idea to my group and talked with my mentor so she can help us.

my mentor helped me because without her we probably would not have  any interviews we tried to find some but it was really hard she had some friends that knew about water pollution so we had a easier time. Also we had lots of visuals because of her like the life straw and she also helped us in our watershed she gave us the plastic which non of us had. Lastly she asked me Turner if he could get us the water samples thank you to Miss Michie who was my mentor and Mr Turner without you exhibition would be really hard thank you again.

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